• Michigan bluegrass at Milan

    This overview and photo gallery from the 2012 Milan Bluegrass Festival is a contribution from Bill Warren. Bill is a photographer and bluegrass fan in Michigan, and he will be covering ocassional events in the upper midwest for Bluegrass Today. This year’s Milan

  • Life Goes On from MACC

    For the past 25 years, Darrel and Phyllis Adkins of Adkins Productions have hosted the Bluegrass Classic music festival in Columbus, Ohio. After their daughter, Mandy, passed away from an inoperable brain tumor in 2000, they joined with numerous bluegrass

  • Phil Leadbetter benefit in March

    Another benefit concert has been scheduled in Knoxville for Phil Leadbetter, who continues to undergo treatment for a very stubborn cancer that has been try resistant to common therapies. Phil has dedicated his life to bluegrass music, working in turn

  • Sizemore benefit in February

    Last week we shared the wonderful news that Herschel Sizemore had come through his cancer treatment with a clean bill of health. His wife, Joyce, is still undergoing treatment for breast cancer - as is one of their two daughters. The

  • Keith Lawrence’s picks for 2011

    Keith Lawrence, the esteemed journalist at the Owensboro Messenger-Enquirer, has been writing about bluegrass music for the newspaper since 1985. Additionally, he has a blog, Bluegrass Notes, which he has been writing since 1991. Earlier this month Lawrence published his Ten