• Album sales: 2000 – 2008

    Every year it seems that we talk about the decline in CD sales. Those numbers are, themselves, troubling for those attempting to make a living selling music on CDs. The overall number for music sales, aren't much better. The decline in

  • A better way to book bluegrass?

    Music Think Tank has a post up today with an idea for a better way to book shows for live music. The idea is that instead of looking at past performances and trying to guess how many people might show up

  • A Songbird of a different color

    As an unashamed Mac user, I love iTunes. In fact, I rarely listen to music (for pleasure) outside of the iTunes/iPod environment. I like the ease and convenience of iTunes for listening to whatever music strikes my fancy at the

  • Borders reduces music floorspace

    Over the course of the last year, Borders has steadily reduced the amount of in-store floor space dedicated to music, by 30%. Music now owns only 7% of the floor space in Borders stores. Considering their primary business is books,

  • What happened to my promo?

    I've had several discussions with artists over the course of 2008 with regard to the final destination of promo CDs. Everyone sends them out, but no one talks about where they end up. The artists and labels send out large

  • The cultural vs. commercial value of music

    Does music have value? Some would say it used to, but that it has recently be devalued by the internet age and mp3s. Is that true? Andrew Dubber tackles these questions in a recent blog post, Has music been devalued? Dubber shares

  • Future of the music business

    Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin and former head of Yahoo Music, gave the keynote address recently at the GRAMMY Northwest MusicTech Summit 2008. In his speech, Rogers explains the current state of the music business as he see it. He explains

  • Confronting a decline in the economy

    In an article entitled Panel offers survival tips for small businesses, Laura Copeland wrote recently in The Tennessean newspaper about the economy and the various ways to deal with the issues facing the world. It's a dry old subject I know,

  • Music Marketing on the cheap

    Bluegrass music is a little different from other her genres in our business model. Not many other styles of music can boast the healthy festival circuit that bluegrass has. Fans of other styles don't have the ready access to artists

  • Kickin Grass makes fan financing work

    The Kickin Grass Band, popular alt-grass practitioners from North Carolina, have a new CD out on Superfan Records. Using the familiar string band instruments, Kickin Grass creates a hybrid sound that Superfan describes as a "roots-flaunting Americana style of bluegrass." The