• Ticketing for your bluegrass event

    If you're a promoter and have ever thought of using Ticketmaster but recoiled at the size of the "convenience" fees they would be charging your customers, and their lack of a sharing attitude concerning attendees, then Eventbrite might be a

  • Pete shouts out for Sing Out

    We talked not long ago about the demise of Bluegrass Now, a fine print monthly which closed the doors about this time last year after 18 years in publication. Now it appears that Sing Out!, the venerable folk music mag, is

  • Copyright Time Bomb

    Wired magazine's Epicenter blog recently ran a story about an impending time bomb written into the Copyright Act of 1976. Their explanation of the legislation is that copyrights for sound recordings are soon going to be up for grabs. If an artist

  • Leadership Bluegrass 2010

    Just a reminder that applications for Leadership Bluegrass 2010 are due this week. Completed applications must be received by Friday, November 13, and forms can be found on the IBMA web site. This 3 day program (March 9-11) brings together people

  • Monday Town Hall seminar

    Monday morning, I was honored to participate in an IBMA seminar entitled State Of The Industry: Open Forum. It was moderated by Archie Warnock, and the panelists also included Brandi Hart of The Dixie Bee-Liners and Ronnie Reno, founder of

  • IBMA members attend Summer NAMM for free

    The International Bluegrass Music Association has struck a deal to allow its members to attend the Summer NAMM show in Nashville at no charge, and without registering as a NAMM member. To take advantage of this option, you need to

  • Jerusalem Ridge Magazine – Update

    Last July we told you about a new magazine that was planned to start publication in the Fall. Due to an unfortunate chain of circumstances, not least the severe state of the US economy, Ron Malec's proposed Jerusalem Ridge Magazine,

  • A Solution for Songwriters?

    Undeniably, songwriters are suffering from the changes the music industry is undergoing as a result of digital technology, especially the internet. With income streams drying up or rapidly changing, a solution needs to be found for the songwriter. Bruce Warila, at

  • Leadership Bluegrass Report

    Every year IBMA hosts a three day event called Leadership Bluegrass. Leadership Bluegrass provides an opportunity for disparate members of the community, such as artists, engineers, label reps, etc., to all gather together for three days, in Nashville, to learn

  • We’re #97!

    Wikio has published their April list of the top 100 music blogs, and there is Bluegrass Today at #97! That's not bad for a bluegrass music site when the rest of the blogs are geared toward pop, rock and rap. Wikio