• IBMA ’06 seminar audio available

    Each year during the annual IBMA World Of Bluegrass Business Conference, a variety of educational seminars are offered for the benefit of the professional membership. Topics are varied, and are geared towards the needs and interests of artists, event producers,

  • What did Alison Krauss call her grandmothers?

    That's the question that's answered in the final installment of Wichita Rutherford's IBMA video clips. It's one of Wichita's great True or Rumor podcasts. If you just can't stay out the personal life of a bluegrass celebrity and have to

  • IBMA Exhibit Hall Photos

    Here's a nice group of photos from the Exhibit Hall. Photos by Dave Carney © 2006 Lawson and Reno Bull Harman Dan Miller Herschel Sizemore The Huber Booth Katy Daly Bill Keith Sewell and Leftwich Reid and Baucom Merriam and Bush Ronnie Reno Richard Gelardin Danny Roberts Roland White The Smiths Eberle and Vorndick

  • IBMA Wednesday Showcase Photos

    Here is a gallery of photos from the Wednesday Showcases, both official and after hours, here at IBMA 2006. Photos by Tami Roth © 2006 Jeremy Garrett Chris Pandolfi Andy Hall Chris Eldridge Jesse Cobb Chris Pandolfi Downhill Bluegrass Band Frankie Nagle Audie Blaylock Michael Cleveland The Lovell Sisters Rhonda Vincent Donica Christensen Daughters of

  • More IBMA Awards Show photos

    Here are the rest of the photos from last night's Awards Show. Photos by Tami Roth © 2006 Vince Gill with The Del McCoury Band Del McCoury and Vince Gill Rhonda Vincent Joe Wheatley, Country Current Frank Solivan II, Country Current Tim O'Brien accepts as Male Vocalist Marty

  • Internet Promotions Panel Discussion

    Yesterday I participated in a panel discussion here at IBMA about Internet Promotions: Myspace and beyond. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. In past years the panels I've been a part of, whether as a

  • Bluegrass Today Awards Poll 2006

    Just as we did last year, Bluegrass Today is hosting an online poll that mirrors the final IBMA Awards ballot. Visitors to our site can cast their vote for any of the nominees, and see how their choices stack up