• Molly Tuttle and her Thompson guitar

    Molly Tuttle is the latest bluegrass artist to tie her horse to the Preston Thompson wagon, taking delivery recently of a new Thompson D-BA custom sunburst guitar at her home in Nashville. She posted a video sharing her excitement when it

  • G7 Heritage capo – reworked for 2018

    We heard recently from the good folks with G7 capos, a British company that has made tremendous strides in capo design this past few years. Their Heritage model was reviewed here when it was introduced in 2016, and they wanted

  • Steve Mandell passes

    Steve Mandell, who played one of the most recognizable guitar parts in bluegrass history, died today. Mandell, who stayed active in the Baltimore-area bluegrass community until his death, had prostate cancer. If you live away from the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area, you might

  • Jay Adams to The Churchmen

    The Churchmen have announced the addition of Jay Adams to the group. He will play guitar and share in the vocals with the North Carolina-based bluegrass Gospel group that have been recording and touring together since 1989. Since 2006, Jay has

  • Stringjoy offers money back guarantee

    Bluegrass pickers are like most other string musicians. Sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new items and accessories thrown our way. Try these strings for vintage tone! This capo - or pick, or strap, or bridge pin

  • Meideal introduces capo/tuner combination

    The tuner/capo combination seems to have hit its groove in the fretted instrument accessory market. A number of companies now offer them for sale, with a new, lower-priced version from Shenzhen Meideal Musical Instruments Co. in China may tempt a