• Gary Henderson to Bell Buckle Radio

    Retirement became hiatus as Gary Henderson, who recently vacated his positions with the Bluegrass Country Foundation at the end of May, has been lured back onto radio, this time at the central Tennessee-based Bell Buckle Radio. Henderson soon realised that quitting

  • On This Day #43 – Gary Henderson

    On the Day …. On July 17, 1944, bluegrass music DJ Gary Henderson was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. Henderson has been involved with radio all his working life. In fact Henderson decided at the age of 10 that getting into radio

  • 40 years of Stained Glass Bluegrass 

    WAMU's Bluegrass Country is celebrating 40 years of Stained Glass Bluegrass with a concert on Sunday, June 7, 2015, at the WAMU Media Center in north-west Washington, D.C.. WAMU 88.5 American University Radio has presented Stained Glass Bluegrass, their Sunday morning

  • Dick Freeland Remembered

    We have collected some memories from a few people who knew Dick Freeland well. Long-time Bluegrass Unlimited contributor, Walt Saunders (he writes the column Notes and Queries) remembers Dick Freeland ……… I first met Dick Freeland in 1966. He was not only

  • New Digs for an Old Friend

    WAMU’s Bluegrass Country has come a long way since Dick Spottswood and Gary Henderson signed on for their first show – 30-minutes one night a week, with one taped repeat – 47 years ago. And from the days in the early