• Dan Band starts recording soon

    We caught up with Adam Steffey on Friday, and he shared some details on the upcoming - and highly-anticipated - debut recording from The Dan Tyminski Band. Adam told us that they would be getting together in Nashville on November 18

  • Ron Stewart and The Dan Tyminski Band

    We posted last week from IBMA about the imminent debut of The Dan Tyminski Band in 2008. The band will feature Dan on guitar and vocals, along with Adam Steffey on mandolin, Barry Bales on bass, Justin Moses on fiddle

  • The Dan Tyminski Band

    Another piece of news we picked up here at IBMA is the imminent launch of Dan Tyminski's band. All of the Union Station guys have been looking at a blank schedule for 2008, with Alison Krauss planning to take the year

  • TRAKUS concert reflections

    John posted Saturday with his review of the Tony Rice/AKUS concert we attended Friday evening. Here are my thoughts on the concert after a weekend of reflection on the show. As John said in his post, we missed the first couple

  • Eric Clapton and bluegrass

    No, Clapton is not making a bluegrass record. He is hosting his second Crossroads Guitar Festival. The last one was held three years ago in 2004, and later released on DVD. Now an encore performance is scheduled for July 28,

  • WDVX Knoxville auctions autographed Martin DXM

    Knoxville, TN radio station WDVX plays a blend of music styles that cover the gamut of acoustic styles including bluegrass, gospel, and americana. The station provides an online media player as well as support for Windows Media 96K, and a

  • Dan Tyminski ranked by Golf Digest

    The December issue of Golf Digest contains a list of the Top 100 Musicians. Our very own Dan Tyminski has been ranked #11 on the list in a three way tie with Lloyd Cole and Alice Cooper. Golf Digest ranks the

  • Ron Block upcoming solo CD

    Over the weekend I came across a post on Ron Block's website stating that overdubs are almost complete on what appears to be a new solo project from Ron. Overdubs continue in my basement studio. I'm looking to finish all my