• Gaven Largent to Dailey & Vincent

    Those of you who have been wondering what Gaven Largent was going to do with his considerable musical talents after leaving Blue Highway can wonder no longer. It was announced last night that he will be joining Dailey & Vincent on

  • Dailey & Vincent sing Johnny Cash

    From the time Bluegrass Today launched, we've recognized that a great many bluegrass lovers are country music fans as well. And just as a large percentage of followers of American music hold Johnny Cash in high  regard, the same is true

  • Jessie Baker departing Dailey & Vincent

    Jessie Baker with Dailey & Vincent at the Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival (1/9/18) - photo © B Chord Photography Jessie Baker, banjo player and vocalist with Dailey & Vincent, has announced his immediate departure from the band owing to debilitating pain

  • Dailey & Vincent hand out five years rings

    Jamie Dailey, Jeff Parker, Jessie Baker, Gus Arrendale, Bob Mummert, and Darrin Vincent backstage at the Opry Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent took the opportunity of their recent appearance at the Grand Ole Opry to offer a tribute to several of

  • Patriots & Poets – Dailey & Vincent

    Dailey & Vincent are easily some of the very best entertainers in bluegrass music. In recent years, they’ve added varying styles to their repertoire, incorporating heavy doses of Southern Gospel-style vocal quartets, classic country, and even pop influences. While it