• Stetson and Cia

    Cia Cherryholmes has been burning up YouTube this past few weeks, posting "home movie-style" videos of herself with her new musical collaborator, Stetson Adkisson. The pair have teamed up in a new venture, called appropriately enough, Stetson & Cia. Both are

  • Josh Shilling solo project

    Mountain Heart front man and lead vocalist Josh Shilling is spending the early summer putting the finishing touches on a debut solo project. He told us yesterday that he had been wanting to work on this for some time, but hadn't

  • Cia Cherryholmes and Sherri Clark

    Since Cherryholmes announced their unexpected dissolution in January, the bluegrass world has been rife with rumors and speculation. Will the kids reform without mom and dad? Perhaps they will all go on to work with other groups? Well, we have an answer

  • Facebook war: and the winner is…

    We told you over the weekend about the Facebook challenge issued by Cia Cherryholmes. She dared Josh Shilling to lock horns with her in a contest to see who could generate the most Facebook friends in 24 hours. Josh accepted reluctantly,

  • Cherryholmes in the studio

    Cherryholmes is starting the new year working on a new CD for Skaggs Family Records. Banjo player Cia Cherryholmes tells us that they will get started in the studio this week, working once again with Ben Isaacs producing. "It's looking like it's

  • Bluegrass facebook war

    Call it the battle of the bluegrass warblers... Cia Cherryholmes, banjo picker and lead singer with Cherryholmes, and Josh Shilling, vocalist with Mountain Heart, have declared a Facebook friend war. As of Sunday morning, Cia is on top with 2,660 while

  • IBMA Red Carpet #5

    This is the fifth in our series of 2009 Red Carpet videos. These were filmed immediately prior to the IBMA Award Show. This particular video features Doug McKelway interviewing Jens Koch and Cia Cherryholmes. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/koch_cherryholmes.flv

  • New bluegrass glamour queen?

    Do we have a new budding fashion icon in our midst? I wonder how many bluegrass fans recognize the popular picker and singer in these striking photos. Give up? It's Cia Cherryholmes with a look notably different from her work attire

  • Cherryholmes III update

    When we posted not long ago that audio samples from the upcoming Cherryholmes CD were available online, we teased that an interview would be forthcoming. And so it has come to pass. Cia, banjo player, lead vocalist, and the senior member