• Formlessness Into Form part 1 now available

    The first part of Formlessness Into Form, Chris Henry's film on the creative process in the bluegrass world which we previewed last week, is now available online. It's an interesting, if a bit offbeat documentary investigation, consisting almost entirely of interviews with

  • Formlessness Into Form

    Anyone who follows trends in audio recording is aware of the explosion of home studios, and the resulting bloom in amateur to semi-pro engineers. Coupled with the relative ease in distributing music in the digital marketplace, there is a concomitant

  • Chris Henry & The Hardcore Grass

    Chris Henry has ambitious plans for the summer of 2012. He and his group, The Hardcore Grass, intend to record three albums in Nashville over the next few months. As he explains in his Kickstarter video below, they will cut one

  • The Archetones – A New Kind of Season

    The Archetones are a new alt-county duo featuring Chris Henry on mandolin and electric guitar. Chris comes from the bluegrass Henry family -  mom Murphy and dad Red are both celebrated entrepreneurs and musicians - which also spawned another music pro

  • Chris Henry – Monroe Approved

    Today being Bill Monroe's birthday it seems fitting to discuss a new CD from young Monroe-style mandolinist Chris Henry. The CD is titled Monroe Approved. Now that may seem like an overly ambiteous title for one so young, but it's

  • Monroe-Style Mandolin Camp

    The International Bluegrass Music Museum is hosting two Monroe-Style Mandolin Camps this month. The first camp runs September 8-10 and the second one September 15-17, 2006. The camps feature some great instruction from Mike Compton, Skip Gorman, David Long, Red