• Fire devastates home of Carter Fold director

    The Carter Family Fold near Hiltons, VA serves as the official repository of the memorabilia and music of The Carter Family, surely among the most influential traditional string musicians in the history of American folk and country music. Started in

  • Music of Coal

    Music of Coal: Mining Songs from the Appalachian Coalfields is a new two-CD box set released by the Lonesome Pine Office on Youth here in Virginia. The set contains 48 songs covering topics from coal mining history to union organization. The

  • Birthplace of Country Music Alliance

    Students of the history of commercial country music in the United States have a special fondness for Bristol, TN and the story of the Bristol Sessions in 1927. It was in July of that year that Ralph Peer journeyed there

  • Janette Carter 1923-2006

    Born on July 2, 1923 Janette Carter was only 4 years old when a talent scout "discovered" her parents in Bristol in 1927. A.P. and Sara Carter performed with Janette's Aunt, "Mother" Maybelle Carter. Raised in that environment, Janette grew

  • The Carter Family Fold

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