• IBMA coverage wrapping up

    A special word of thanks to all of our fabulous IBMA correspondents and photographers! They did a terrific job in Nashville last week, and we actually still have a few more reports to post over the next few days. Before we

  • Welcome Briar Lee Rickman

    And speaking of Brandon Rickman... Brandon and his wife Amy welcomed their first child, Briar Lee Rickman, into the world last week. Briar was born on May 11 at 12:45 p.m. (CDT). He weighed in at 7.9 lbs, standing 20.5'' tall. Welcome

  • Young Man, Old Soul – track by track

    Lead singer and guitar player with the legendary Lonesome River Band, Brandon Rickman is a young man with an old soul. His solo CD by the same name, Young Man, Old Soul, is set for a Track by Track with

  • Major award for Brandon Rickman

    Bradon Rickman, head crooner and guitarist with Lonesome River Band, has been chosen as the recipient of the Spirit Award's Song Of The Year for 2010. These awards are given by Strictly Country magazine based on fan voting, and the

  • Jeanette Williams: Thank You For Caring

    Here's another Blue Circle Records release worthy of mention. Jeanette Williams will soon release her brand new CD, Thank You For Caring. The CD contains 14 tracks written by some of bluegrass music's best songwriters, including Brandon Rickman (Lonesome River Band),

  • New faces with Lonesome River Band

    Sammy Shelor let us know today that he has two new members with him in Lonesome River Band. To be precise, it's actually one new member, and one returning. Brandon Rickman is back with the band, playing guitar and singing lead,