• Meet the Thomas Family Band

    Bluegrass fans have long embraced the combination of cute kids and family bands. The more cynical among us may recoil from the somewhat saccharine nature of these youthful congregations, but often times the kinds turn into powerful performers in their

  • BrandyGrass from Brandy Miller

    North Carolina teen banjo phenom Brandy Miller, winner of numerous banjo contests and a new Daughter of Bluegrass, has released her very first project, BrandyGrass, Volume 1. Clinging to her deep traditional roots, she chose ten enduring bluegrass gems (seven of

  • Sleepy Man Banjo Boys on Kickstarter

    Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, the bluegrass pickin' Mizzone brothers from New Jersey, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to ask their many web fans to consider helping them finance their second CD. The album, The Farthest Horizon, has been recorded and the

  • Wheeling Park Bluegrass Band

    For several decades, colleges and universities across the United States have offered courses and even degrees in bluegrass and traditional music. Well-known programs such as those at Glenville State College, Morehead State University and South Plains College have had students

  • LocalGrass – The Moore Brothers

    This is the debut installment of LocalGrass, a new feature on Bluegrass Today. LocalGrass will twice-monthly provide information about bands and artists who are working primarily on a local or regional basis. We hope to be able to provide an early look at

  • Generation Bluegrass coming soon

    There has been news this past few months about a number of films about bluegrass and acoustic music. The long-awaited Punch Brothers movie is finally out, and work is nearly finished on The Porchlight Sessions. It's a great time for independent

  • Houston Caldwell Music Scholarship

    On April 30, 2010, a young musician named Houston Caldwell, of Galax, VA, passed away in a motorcycle accident. Houston was a great advocate for traditional music, and was a skilled banjo and guitar player. Since that time, a festival

  • IBMA Bluegrass in the Schools webinar

    First generation bluegrass pioneers regularly performed in schools, during an era when schoolhouses were the center of activity in communities. Such performances, however, were generally held in the evenings for audiences comprised of the general public. As educational programs and funding

  • The Church Sisters

    Procrastination alert... this is a piece I've been meaning to write for weeks. Months even. You can mark this down as one of those "power of World of Bluegrass" stories, where it happened that I had to go to Nashville to