• The story behind Bluegrass Unlimited

    Bluegrass Unlimited has been a staple of the bluegrass industry for over 40 years. I've browsed back issues and eagerly read new issues right along with the rest of the bluegrass world. Until today, I didn't know the backstory of

  • Bluegrass Unlimited special offer

    Bluegrass Unlimited magazine has a special offer in effect for the rest of October. Any subscription purchased until October 31 (new or renewal) will qualify for a free compilation CD of their choosing. The choices are sampler discs from Rounder, Rebel

  • Fuel, Festivals, and CD sales

    CMT News ran in interesting story yesterday concerning the relationship between fuel costs, festival attendance, and CD sales. The story's primary focus is the affect on artists' bottom line produced by increasing fuel costs. The story is primarily based on

  • Bluegrass Unlimited profiled on Grammy site

    The official web site for The Recording Academy, formerly The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, who distributes the annual Grammy Awards, has a nice piece up on the 40th Anniversary issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. It was written

  • September Bluegrass Unlimited

    Bobby Osborne is on the cover of the new issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, in the mail now to subscribers. The title, and the theme of the article is On His Own, referencing Bobby's having embarked on a career as

  • June Bluegrass Unlimited in the mail

    The June issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine is on its way to subscribers and retailers, with Del McCoury (and the band) on the cover. The Del piece is a substantial one, written by Chris Stuart. Also included this month are features

  • Sharon McGraw on Louise Scruggs

    Sharon McGraw, editor of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, also shared her thoughts about Louise Scruggs and her legacy as a prominent female businesswoman. "Louise Scruggs stands out as the most prominent leader in the music industry for women. She was absolutely the

  • Mac Wiseman in Bluegrass Unlimited

    The February edition of Bluegrass Unlimited contains an article that might be of interest about Mac Wiseman. Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite. In the last year or two, as he's rounded the curve of 80, he's recorded as a