• Just another brick in the wall?

    Well, it will be a special brick if you take the The Bean Blossom Jamboree Foundationup on their offer and adopt a brick in their Memorial Brick Wall Project. The Foundation is trying to raise sufficient funds to purchase the Bill

  • BBJF 2009 update

    In an open letter to Friends, Donors, Supporters, and those with an interest in the Bean Blossom Jamboree Foundation Inc. (BBJF), the foundation has announced details regarding the progress that the organization has made in its mission to preserve the

  • Bean Blossom Jamboree Foundation news

    Rich Hersberger, the Secretary of the Bean Blossom Jamboree Foundation (BBJF), has announced that the fund raising efforts to help buy the Indiana music park previously owned and managed by Bill Monroe realized nearly $5,000 during the recent Uncle Pen

  • Save Bean Blossom foundation forms

    In November last year Jim Peva gave notice of the impending sale of the Bill Monroe Memorial Park and Campground, home of the famous Bean Blossom bluegrass festivals. More recently, he informed us of current plans. Following on from that comes

  • Kudos to Bean Blossom

    This past weekend's USA Weekend, a magazine supplement to many of America's weekend newspapers, has, as its feature article, an assessment of the 10 top places to hear authentic American music. As far as the magazine is concerned the top

  • 42nd Annual Bean Blossom Festival

    Spring is in the air and all the bluegrass festivals are announcing finalized schedules for this festival season. The 42nd Annual Bill Monroe Memorial Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival is no exception. And this festival is a major one for traditional bluegrass

  • For Sale: Bean Blossom

    The Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park & Campground, site of the famous Bean Blossom bluegrass festival, as well as home to the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum, is up for sale. Banjo player, and former Bluegrass Boy, Dwight