• Two new instruments from The Music Link

    The Music Link, a California company who distributes a variety of musical instrument lines, many produced in Asia, has announced two new instruments which will be of interest to bluegrass pickers. First up is the new Artist Deluxe Banjo from Recording

  • Raising Kane – a bluegrass novel

    Brent Davis has worked in television in Georgia, Alabama and Ohio. He is also an avid bluegrass banjo player, and an author of fiction. His second book, Raising Kane, released in 2006, tells the story of Eddie Kane, a 12 year

  • Gibson acquires vintage Epiphone collection

    2007 marks the 50th anniversary of the Gibson Company acquiring the Epiphone brand, which they have continued to operate as a separate product line. Though it now largely consists of less expensive replicas of popular Gibson models, Epiphone was once a

  • Bluegrass piece on DC local news

    Doug McElway is a popular television news anchor on WJLA, the ABC affiliate station in Washington, DC. He is also an accomplished bluegrass banjo player, a dedicated husband and father - and a daily reader of Bluegrass Today. This past Tuesday

  • Too Many Banjos?

    I found this video over on the Fretboard Journal Blog and thought I'd share it with you. Dodge's Sundodgers perform on, from the left, a bass banjo, a banjo-mandolin, a banjo-uke, a tenor banjo and a guitar banjo. And no, five

  • Chord charts on your cell phone

    How convenient would it be to have a chord chart, metronome and pitch pipe available on your mobile phone? If the answer is, "quite, thank you very much," you'll be interested in Chord Genie, a cell phone application from British

  • Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy 2007

    March 1, 2007 is the last date to take advantage of the early registration discount for the 2007 Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy. The event, held each spring near Gatlinburg, TN (hosted by Jack Hatfield), is scheduled this year from April

  • Banjo humor

    Our friend David Russell passed along this link, which is bound to warm the hearts of banjo haters everywhere - or anyone with a sense of humor that appreciates banjo deprecating whimsy. It's found on the site of White Tree Productions,

  • Pete Wernick banjo backup DVD

    Pete Wernick, a.k.a. Dr. Banjo, has long been regarded as one of the pre-eminent banjo instructors in bluegrass music. His book, Bluegrass Banjo, published in 1974, has sold over 200,00 copies and taught thousands to become banjo pickers over the

  • Harry Lane banjos

    When I first started playing banjo in the 1970s, Harry Lane was a well-regarded banjo maker, whose highly ornate and limited production instruments were prized by collectors. He discontinued his banjo building after only 40 were made, and focused his