• Otis Taylor – Recapturing The Banjo

    Students and fans of bluegrass and old time music, and a great many people with an interest in American folk music, know of the African roots of our beloved banjo. Academics and ethnomusicologists have written extensively on the topic, but

  • Dannick introduces aluminum banjo tone ring

    The American Made Banjo Co. will unveil their new lightweight banjo tone ring today at the SPBGMA convention in Nashville. The Aluminum Dannick tone ring came into being after American Made owner Tom Mirisola's search for a lighter banjo with a

  • Six Minutes Apart

    Most of us can remember, and will tell the story with enthusiasm, how we became interested in bluegrass music. Many of those stories would be similar, "I heard it on the radio and had to pull my car over" or

  • Sonny Osborne Scout banjo introduced

    Recording King has introduced the latest in their growing line of affordably priced tone ring banjos, a signature model for Sonny Osborne. This new model is called The Scout, and is a maple banjo with nickel plated parts. The peghead has

  • New Bobby Thompson CD

    Judy Thompson, widow of banjo legend Bobby Thompson, has released a second CD featuring Bobby on banjo. Thompson Picks Some More includes 11 previously released tracks taken from various artists' projects, plus two on disc here for the first time. Bobby

  • Julia’s Banjo

    Rob and Alan Fennah are brothers with an interest in music and performance arts. Living in the UK they formed the band Alternative Radio in 1981. Their sound is most definitely not bluegrass. But recently the duo have been pursuing

  • New Pandolfi tracks online

    Chris Pandolfi, banjo man with The Infamous Stringdusters, has posted a couple of works in progress on his MySpace page. The two tracks are tunes he has written and intends to record for a future solo project, and are presented in

  • New land speed record – for banjo

    It's official... The Guinness Book has declared that Brit Johnny Butten is the World's Fastest Banjo Player, besting the record established last year by Todd Taylor. There is no mention of the record yet on the Guinness Records web site,

  • Kel Kroydon and Steve Martin

    In an earlier post, Casey Henry mentioned what a kick she got from knowing that she and Steve Martin played the same kind of banjo, referring to her recent signature model Kel Kroydon banjo. I asked KK owner Tom Mirisola to

  • Banjos in New York City

    We got a note recently from progressive banjoist Jake Schepps, letting us know that he and his Expedition Quartet are heading from Boulder, CO to New York City for this week's Arts Presenters Conference. The annual conference brings together performing