• More luthiers on TV

    Last month we told you about a PodCast on UNC-TV that provided a glimpse of the work that goes into making a fiddle. Now we learn of another instance where television has highlighted the craftsmanship associated with the building of musical

  • Win a Huber Jim Mills banjo!

    We posted last month about the scholarship fund established by Steve Huber (Huber Banjos) to raise money for the college education of Latham and Will Calveard. The two boys are the sons of Sam Calveard, a former Huber employee and friend

  • Chris Warner is Back Again

    Banjo players - and fans of Jimmy Martin - know Chris Warner for his driving style and hard hitting approach to the five string. Chris worked twice for Martin as a member of his Sunny Mountain Boys, from 1967-69, and

  • Florida Banjo from Mary Z. Cox

    Popular old time banjoist Mary Z. Cox has released her latest CD, Florida Banjo, featuring her take on 15 fiddle tune classics. Joining her are Kerry Blech on fiddle, Ellen Sheppard on mandolin and guitar, Bob Cox on guitar, Lo Gordon

  • Alternate tunings for bluegrass banjo

    Terry McGill, who plays banjo with New Jersey-based Straight Drive, has written a new banjo book, recently published by Mel Bay. The book is Alternate Tunings for Five-string Banjo Played Bluegrass Style, and is described as the first three-finger style banjo

  • Banjo workshop in Belgium

    As the International Bluegrass Music Association is at pains to remind us, bluegrass music is a truly worldwide phenomenon. Though the IBMA is based in the US, and the largest part of the membership resides here, no small part of

  • Juno for Jayme Stone

    Canadian banjoist Jayme Stone was among the winners in this past weekend's JUNO Awards ceremonies in Calgary. The awards are given by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) each year to Canadian recording artists and professionals for

  • Sam Calveard scholarship fund

    If you've done business with Huber Banjos in the last few years, chances are you had a conversation with Sam Calveard. Sam handled customer service at Huber from 2005 to 2007, and made a lot of friends during his time

  • Classic Oak titles reissued

    Long-time students of bluegrass instruments will recall with fondness the name Oak Publications, a division of Music Sales that released some fine instructional manuals for banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bass starting in the 1970s. While the brand has remained

  • Commemorative Earl Scruggs banjo update

    Here's a brief update to our post from last week about Gibson's new limited edition Earl Scruggs Flint Hill Special banjo model. In our previous post, we mentioned that no pricing information was found on the Gibson site, and that our