• Banjos at the Birchmere

    In you're in the Eastern Virginia area, and a fan of old time banjo playing, here's an event you might want to check out this weekend. The Old Time Banjo Festival is happening tonight at the Birchmere. The event is,

  • Stained glass banjo on eBay

    Do you have a window opening of 19'' X 37'' and a crushing need for banjo-themed stained glass? If so, eBay has you covered. The seller created this Tiffany-styled piece as a promotional item for Gibson 25 years ago, and is

  • The Onion: Banjos banned in Boston?

    This morning's edition of The Onion, an often hysterical and always amusing faux news web site, carried a hilarious piece entitled Banjo Player Sought In Hootenanny Spree. It's the story of a police investigation of a string of random banjo

  • Terry Baucom Sullivan banjo

    Back in February, Brance teased with news that one of Terry Baucom's post-Quicksilver episode 2 endeavors would include a signature banjo model, noting that further details would be forthcoming. Now comes the official announcement: After much anticipation, it is being announced that

  • Parking Lot Pickers Songbook for banjo

    Here's a new Mel Bay release that is sure to become an important reference for banjo pickers. Parking Lot Picker's Songbook - Banjo Edition includes well over 200 popular songs, complete with chords, lyrics and the basic melody presented in

  • Steve Huber’s Banjo Town

    Steve Huber, founder and owner/operator of Huber Banjos, has launched a new web site. BanjoTown is designed to facilitate Steve's secondary passion, buying and selling vintage Gibson banjos. His Huber line has as part of its raison d'etre to build banjos

  • Corea/Fleck promo video online

    The Enchantment, the upcoming banjo/piano duet recording from Chick Corea and B?©la Fleck, which Brance briefly described earlier this month, is due for release May 22 on Concord Records. The making of this highly-anticipated CD is the focus of a short