• Narrowing the Gap – Amanda Cook

    Few new voices have been embraced by bluegrass radio in recent years like that of Amanda Cook, whose first two albums from Mountain Fever Records have garnered a number of top singles over the past few years. Cook has recently

  • Welcome Emeree Boone!

    There is great rejoicing in bluegrass circles here in southwestern Virginia today. There is a new bluegrass baby, where both parents are not only bluegrass people, they perform together in the same band! Troy and Carolyne VanLierop Boone are celebrating the

  • West Virginia Coal from Amanda Cook

    Mountain Fever Records has released another single from Amanda Cook, the second this year from her upcoming Narrowing The Gap project. This one is one written by band members Carolyne VanLierop and Troy Boone, who handle banjo and mandolin respectively in the

  • Troy Boone to Amanda Cook Band

    The Amanda Cook Band has announced Troy Boone as the newest member of her touring group. He will play mandolin and reso-guitar, and share harmony vocal duties in the band. Since leaving Sideline at the end of the summer, Troy has