Skaggs plans Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs tribute album

Ricky SkaggsAn article from the Jan 10, 2007 edition of The Morning Call, a paper out of Allentown, PA, that focuses on Ricky Skaggs, his love for bluegrass, and his religious faith, has appeared on the website.

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The article includes interview quotes from Skaggs and dedicates a major portion of the writing to his faith. I enjoyed the article, though I suspect that some will take issue with a couple of the claims made by Skaggs concerning what he calls “the mandates I have been given” with regards to bluegrass music.

Three quarters of the way through the interview, I came across this piece of information that I’m sure will be of interest to those fans of Skaggs’ music who read Bluegrass Today.

Skaggs is planning a tribute album to Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs that he hopes to have ready by the fall.

"They recorded 28 or 29 tracks, but I may cut that down to 12 or 14 of my favorite things," he says. "I’m also looking at some live music they did for a possible DVD. It’s a great undertaking, and I hope we pull that off."

This is the first I’ve heard of this project, but as it happens later this year we’ll bring you the news.