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Ashby FrankThe conclusion to Ashby Frank’s tale of road woe is told on his web site.

When we left off, Special C was broken down on the side of the road in Kansas, with barely enough time to make it to their next show in Wyoming.

Ashby picks up from there…

“After Justin and I spent a night surfing the net and waiting on the phone for rental car and flight rates, Justin finally devised on a plan to get us out of WaKeeney.

We had to rent a one way vehicle from Hays (30 miles away) in the morning, drive to Denver, rent another van (because there were no vans or one-way rentals available in Hays), then try to make it to Buffalo (7 hours away) by our new 8 o’clock set time. I had no idea that one way car rentals were so expensive!

The repair shop owner in WaKeeney happened to know a guy that would be driving to Hays early in the morning, and could drop Justin off at Hertz. What a nice town!

So it is all planned. But wait‚Ķ Once Justin got to the rental place, he was told that they were out of cars for the day even though we had a reservation.”

Sounds like a Seinfeld episode. Read the conclusion of the story at

Tim SheltonBut Special Consensus wasn’t the only bluegrass band suffering a major breakdown over the weekend. NewFound Road’s trusty ride went down Saturday on the way home from the Raccoon Creek Bluegrass Festival in Dallas, GA.

It had taken them from Knoxville to Dallas just fine on Saturday morning, but left them high and dry just a few miles up the road in Cartersville. The rest of the band made it to nearby Atlanta and home from there, but Tim Shelton is stuck in Georgia waiting for a tow this morning.

To make his weekend complete, he is also enjoying the fact that his cell phone has gone missing.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Make sure to give Tim a big hug next time you see him.

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