The Fossil Creek Band

The Fossil Creek Band grew out of the farmlands of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan back in the spring of 2006, and has since grown into one of the premier Bluegrass bands coming out of the Great Lakes region. The ‰ÛÏCreekers‰Û are known for their fun-loving, energetic performing style, tight harmonies, and their original bluegrass tunes. They have a great time writing and playing their original style of bluegrass music, and you‰Ûªll have a great time being part of a Fossil Creek Band show! If you can’t make it to a show, check out our new release, “Waitin’ On The Daylight”, the #3 most downloaded release in August 2015 on Airplay Direct!

A Little Background…

The members of The Fossil Creek Band came from diverse musical backgrounds, but we have found a common love in Bluegrass music. Our past experiences in folk, country, rock, and even barbershop music all contribute in some way to the Fossil Creek Band sound. Originally a Bluegrass Gospel group, we started out with shows mostly in area churches, but over time, we found more common ground in the sound of traditional bluegrass. As we began to find our songwriting wings, original music became our focus, culminating in our 2012 release, “Songs From Home”, our first album of original bluegrass music. During that time, our touring became more widespread, including the southeastern and northeastern regions of the country. In 2015, our newest album, “Waitin’ On The Daylight” , was released, and became the #3 most downloaded Bluegrass release for August 2015 on Airplay Direct, and is currently receiving radio airplay all over the US and in over 30 countries. We hope to continue this momentum as we are working hard to expand our fan base and broaden our travel schedule to wherever folks want to hear the Fossil Creek Band sound. To be a part of that process, please sign up for our mailing list on the Home page, and help us keep you up to date with all the newest happenings in the world of The Fossil Creek Band. The Fossil Creek Band is:

Jan Hudson, the banjo player for Fossil Creek, has been involved in the bluegrass scene for many years, not only as a musician but also building and repairing instruments. With Fossil Creek, Jan plays banjo, sings lead and harmony vocals, and occasionally writes a song or two. She does most of the booking and promotional work for the band, and is often the ringleader of our serious attention deficit behavior. She is a professional photographer, owning her own studio for 41 years. Jan believes that music is a blessing, and we most definitely agree!

Dave Borkowski started playing guitar at the age of five and grew up listening to the music of Flatt & Scruggs. As a teenager his tastes moved toward rock and roll, and he became the lead guitarist for a regionally successful rock band named Uncle Knucklefunk. After several successful years, Dave returned to his roots and joined Fossil Creek, playing guitar and singing lead and harmony vocals. Not only an amazing guitar slinger, he is a talented songwriter and primary arranger for TFCB. He spends his days restoring Model A Fords and other classic autos to their original beauty.

Tom Galbraith came from the land of folk and Gospel music to the world of bluegrass in the late 1990’s. Tom plays mandolin, sings both lead and harmony vocals with Fossil Creek, and has also been the songwriter on many of our original songs. A life long educator, he has found his true love in the stories of life that are the basis of bluegrass music. He is also involved in merchandising and promotional work for TFCB.

Jerry Spitler is a life-long musician, and over the years has played all varieties of music, from bluegrass to jazz to classic rock. The bass player for Fossil Creek is also an accomplished guitarist and keyboardist, and is a huge contributor to the on-stage craziness at a Fossil Creek show. He is heavily involved in promotional work, and is the primary source of the online presence for TFCB.

Krista Solars has been a member of TFCB since 2014, and is a four-time Ohio State fiddle champion. She has a Masters degree in violin from Indiana University and also plays classical and baroque violin. She occasionally does harmony vocals and generally contributes to the silliness onstage with jokes that often are nearly as bad as the ones Tom and Jan tell.