The Bluegrass Trio

The Bluegrass Trio is an ALL STAR group of bluegrass musicians discussing the latest happenings in bluegrass music, sharing a few laughs, and, of course, playing the best bluegrass, old and new. This one-hour, weekly, syndicated show features the best music, a classic bluegrass segment, an “Inspirational Song of the Week” segment, great conversation and even a live performance from our own trio! Members of our trio may vary week to week but each of our members have an extraordinary knowledge of the music, great experience in the bluegrass world, and a great passion for this unique genre of music. You’re always sure to enjoy what the trio has to offer, you’re sure to learn something new, hear some of the music you love, and even share a few laughs. The show is very laid back, fun, and is sure to make your day even better!

For broadcasters: This show is 100% free to air! Contact for more information on adding this show to your lineup!