The Bluegrass Gospel Hour

A weekly syndicated radio show from Vienna, WV “The Bluegrass Gospel Hour, Sharing the message of Jesus Christ in a special way through bluegrass music”

The Bluegrass Gospel Hour started in July of 2008 and in January of 2011 we went syndicated. Our pilot station is WWOV 101.1 FM in Wheeling, WV., the home to The Wheeling Jamboree and as a syndicated show we can be heard from Maine to Alaska, in the UK, Great Britain, Australia and Ireland and we are also proud to be apart of The United States Armed Forces Radio Network.

Our main goal is to tell others about Jesus Christ through bluegrass music and for us, bluegrass music is a way to help melt stress away. We try to help create a bubble around circumstances that can cause someone to be down and tell a positive message and with the help of bluegrass music, we hope to help melt that stress away and play a song that is the very song with the very message you needed to hear. Times are hard for so many people and maybe the bluegrass music will be able to help block stress and worries and help brighten your day.

We never run over 57 minutes, ususally 56:55-58, we use ftp, Dropbox and Hightail, record each show four ways (straight through and in four segments with our sponsor plug and straight through and in four segements without a sponsor plug to meet the guidelines for listener supported stations following 501(c)3 regulations.

If you are a part of a radio station who is thinking of adding a bluegrass gospel radio show to your weekly schedule, I would be honored to be able to submit our show for you to consider. You can call us anytime at 740-350-8891 or email me at .