Sam Tabler & Stay Tuned looking for musicians and vocalist

Hello my name is Sam Tabler. I’m a guitarist, lead, and tenor vocalist based out of Hancock county Tennessee. Back in February after long attempts to get a band started or become a member of a band, I started my own band Sam Tabler & Stay Tuned. My only issue with this was finding talented musicians willing to commit to the band, making it very hard to get booked or gain a following. I am in need of some musicians and vocalists willing to commit to the band and ACTUALLY COMMIT TO THE BAND. Don’t want anyone saying they wanna play but aren’t willing to make an effort to commit to the band. Anyone who lives in northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia, or southeast Kentucky who is willing to commit to my band please send me a text message (865)-809-7897.

Must meet following requirements:
*Must be 17 or older
* Must be able to play following instruments:
* bass (preferably upright but electric is fine
* banjo
*fiddle (optional)
*dobro (optional )
*Must live in the listed regions above
* Must be able to sing the following parts
*lower tenor
* bass
Please message me for any further information. Thank you in advance.