RUSTY JAMES – WDRT Radio, The Newgrass Show

I host a 2 hour radio show on WDRT Sundays at 5 – 7 pm called The Newgrass Show (streams at where progressive acoustic music with bluegrass influences are heard. Each week I feature an artist or group and report any news in the industry of importance, plus list birthdays and milestones of some of the artists. WDRT has been on the air since September 2010 and I am a founding member. My duties include Programmer, Engineer, Recording Engineer, Producer, Trainer and Technician. I also play guitar and sing with an rare and impressive four octave range and can sing any part of a five part harmony. I also have a hobby studio at my place of residence. I am proud of the hard work that is being done here at Bluegrass Today daily by all the contributors that make this site wonderful.