Kevin Shults Art & Design

I’ve been an artist and graphic designer for over 30 years (and bluegrass picker for over 40). Those years have given me the experience to make your next project stand out from the rest. Let’s visit the next time you need graphic design help from someone who understands the music and your audience. I would be interested in developing your band’s visual identity or designing your next CD package, t-shirt, banner ad, or any other marketing materials.

My past clients have included:

‰Û¢ The Dillards (Vanguard)

‰Û¢ Bull Harman & Bullseye

‰Û¢ Karl Shifflett & the Big Country Show (Pinecastle)

‰Û¢ The St. Louis Flatpick Workshop

‰Û¢ The Hillbenders

‰Û¢ The Harper Family

and my own groups Midnight Flight and Rural Roots.

Check out samples of my work at Hope to talk to you soon!