Harvester Performance Center

The Harvester Performance Center is a new, mid-sized music venue serving Rocky Mount, VA, and surrounding areas with great live performances in all kinds of genres.

A covered drop-off area makes the center easily accessible in any weather. Parking is available all around the venue, and our staff will assist in pointing out locations until you get the lay of the land. The upper entrance level is where you will find the box office and lobby areas for the main room. The Harvester offers a choice of beverages, food and merchandise are available. ABC On Premise. That area plus bathrooms take up the back of the lobby near the entranceway into the main room. Food and drink may be taken freely throughout the venue, including during performances.

The main room seats up to 475 people, and in smaller configurations when deemed appropriate, the main room can also hold up to 700 people in a stand-up show configuration. The main room has a 40-foot wide stage with great sight lines and state-of-the-art audio, lighting and video systems. It is our hope that every show you attend will be the best you can see, hear and experience.

The lower level of the Harvester- The Landing Pad has another music room with seating for up to 200 or standing space for 350 people, depending on the genre of music being presented. In addition to the music room, we have two state-of-the-art meeting rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms and the Harvester Pad for food and drink. There is also access to an outside seating area for entertaining or gathering with friends. The whole building is wired for video and audio in real time, utilizing delay systems, so that no matter where you choose to be, you can see, hear and experience the concert taking place in the main room.