Bluegrass banjo lessons with John Lawless

Private lessons are available in Roanoke, VA or online with AcuTab founder and noted banjo instructor John Lawless.

Before launching AcuTab in 1994, John Lawless spent much of his career teaching private banjo lessons, often carrying as many as 40 regular students each week. Over the course of 20 years of nearly full time teaching, John has developed a firm grasp of what works, and an ability to adjust learning strategies to fit the capabilities, expectations and lifestyles of individual students.

Through his work with AcuTab, John has also developed close relationships with many top banjo players, and had the opportunity to closely anaylze and study their playing. These insights have helped him undertand they way they approach the instrument, and can pass this information along to students.

John can accept regular or semi-regular students who live in or near the Roanoke, VA area, or occasional students willing to travel to Roanoke for lessons. He is happy to work with any skill level, from absolute beginners to experienced amateurs.

John also teaches online using Skype or iChat.

John is ready to work with you on technique, repertoire, backup, or tone production in a variety of banjo styles. Music theory, solo construction and any other topics that interest you can be explored.

Please contact John directly if you would like more information.

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