Larry Sparks guitar strings

Larry SparksLarry Sparks has announced that he will be introducing his own signature set of guitar strings.

Most bluegrass fans know Larry primarily as among the most soulful and expressive singers in bluegrass music, but guitar players and pickers in general recognize him as a strong and influential rhythm guitarist as well.

He has been working with the Mapes Piano String Company to develop a wrap that will reduce string breakage, and has been using a string manufactured with this process for the past few years. Larry reports that he has only broken two strings in the past five years and wants to share this discovery with the rest of the guitar world.

Mapes manufactures wire for nearly all the major string companies, so if you play a stringed instrument, odds are that you use their product.

The new Sparks strings will be packaged in three gauges (light, medium, heavy) and are expected to be available starting in November. We’ll get a few sets from Larry when they arrive and let you know how they hold up.

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