Honeywagon: Songs From Neverland

Songs From Neverland - A bluegrass tribute to Michael JacksonHere’s something unique we just came across. The band Honeywagon was formed several years ago in the Los Angeles, CA area. They’ve released three previous CDs, each one a tribute to a different non-bluegrass artist.

The first was Sympathy for Bluegrass: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones. Second was Grass Stains: a bluegrass tribute to Blink 182. The third was Green Day, Blue Grass: a bluegrass tribute to Green Day.

The band’s newest release is Songs from Neverland – A Bluegrass Tribute to Michael Jackson. The CD includes 10 of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, including Beat ItBillie JeanThe Way You Make Me Feel, and Thriller.

The band has released a couple of videos on youtube, the most recent being The Way You Make Me Feel (While riding around in the back of a pickup truck). Honeywagon’s version of the tune is done full on bluegrass style with a flatpicked guitar solo, a banjo break to the melody of Clinch Mnt. Backstep, bluegrass harmonies on the echo, and Jackson’s dance moves are swapped out for the band riding around in the back of a pickup truck.

Even if you’re not familiar with the original, I think you’ll still find Honeywagon’s version entertaining.