Music in the Barn

The Music in the Barn Series promotes some of the best local bluegrass bands in the area! Each concert will be held on third Saturday of each month, 6:30 – 8:30, from April until October. Jest Country – May 19, 421 West – June 16, Claybank – July 21, Whitetop Mountain Band – August 18, Rock Bottom Bluegrass Band – September 15, and Lonesome Willow – October 20. An aged piece of American heritage, at one point all but forgotten-Lansing is coming alive again! Situated as the last town in Northwestern N.C., Lansing is a gateway to many nearby attractions in three states. Minutes from the Virginia Creeper bike trail head, Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway, Stat Parks, The New River and Helton Creek, there is plenty to do. Big Horse Creek runs the length of our very own Historic Lansing Creeper Trail Park- which is located along the historic Virginia Creeper rail line, the park offers refreshing dips on hot days as well as fishing, biking, paved greenway trail, indoor/outdoor venues, events and more. Most of the town shops line the main street and offer food, refreshments and services in a relaxed atmosphere like none other. Whether you are from near or far, come experience something different. Let us help you make memories that endure time.