Full Cord Bluegrass @ Lake Ann Brewing

An LABC Favorite!
For the past 14 years, Full Cord Bluegrass has been making a name for themselves blending traditional bluegrass music with jazz, western swing, and rock n’ roll while keeping the traditional bluegrass feel alive and well. These influences make every performance memorable and unique. FCBG – guitarist Eric Langejans, bassist Todd Kirchner, Mando specialist Brian Oberlin, fiddler Grant Flick and banjo picker extraordinaire Lloyd Douglas – are at the top of their game and gaining momentum fast. Hold on to your hats when these boys hit the stage – they are bringing their version of the bluegrass train full steam ahead.
Full Cord Bluegrass’s latest album, Choreomania featured six original tunes by the band with songs by Brian Oberlin, Eric Langejans, and Grant Flick. The album continues to get great reviews and has won WYCE’s Jammie award in 2019 for Best New Album by a New Band. The band is currently in the process of releasing their 4th studio album”Hindsight” in summer of 2021.