Fontana Clogging Jamboree

The Fontana Clogging Jamboree is an amazing weekend of clogging workshops, fun dances, traditional workshops and live music in the hills of western North Carolina.
In our big 20th Anniversary year, hosts Naomi Pyle (IN), Jeff Driggs (WV) offer dance workshops with Chip Summey (NC), Barry Welch (FL), Sherry Glass Cox (TN), Morgan Hudson (KY), Melissa & Rob Pack (TN), awesome advanced classes with Gavin Cox & Abby Simpson (TN), Tim Smith (ME), Drake & Kari Elkin (TN), Madi Montgomery (TN), Stephen Auten (TN), and percussive dance master Marek Chytra (CZECH REPUBLIC) plus fun workshops and traditional dancing with
Jacob Fennell (TN), Cullen Finley (SC), Carter Higgins (TN), Fonda Harkelroad (KY), and more, plus a special hour of cued fun dancing with instructors from the Australian Clogging Association.
Friday and Saturday Workshops and Fun Dances and a Friday Evening Bluegrass Concert featuring award-winning Liam Purcell and Cane Mill Road and Saturday Night Social music with Presley Barker!