Creative Strings Workshop

Join us for a week of jamming and instruction on harmony, improvisation, composition, arranging and multi-genre playing. Great for performers, hobbyists, and classroom / private teachers to expand their offerings to their students. A major focus of the weekend will be helping classically oriented players get “off-the-page” and develop confidence outside of their comfort zone.

All instruments are welcome in addition to Fiddle, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass

-Develop your ability to improvise with freedom and joy!

-Work on Ear Training, Applied music theory

-Start practicing Creatively!

-Learn to play chords on your instrument (Accompany your friends or students)

-Jam across genres… Fiddle styles, funk, bluegrass, jazz, blues…

-Improve your Groove

-Learn how to play in a band

-Learn to write/arrange your own music

-Develop an understanding of harmony on your instrument

-And Much More!

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