Brookdale Bluegrass Festival 2021

2021 Brookdale Bluegrass Festival
August 13 – 15, 2021
San Benito Historical Park, Tres Pinos, CA

The Brookdale Bluegrass Festival features the host band, the Brookdale Bluegrass Band, with Eric Burman on vocals and guitar, Tina Louise Barr on autoharp, John Gwinner on mandolin and reso guitar, Dan Mazer on banjo, and Phil Pflager on standup bass.

A stellar lineup includes Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis, David Holodiloff. Stoney Mountain Ramblers, Cactus Bob & Prairie Flower, Tina Louise Barr and John Gwinner, Dan Mazer, What Cheer, Alex Smith, and Jim Saravino.

Sunday’s activities open with a round-robin workshop with Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis, Tina Louise Barr, and Banjer Dan Mazer.

Camping, food vendors, and self-contained RV parking. Great campground picking all weekend.

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