Cathy Hicks remembers Louise Scruggs

This post is a contribution from Cathy Hicks, who is both the wife and business manager for legendary bluegrass fiddler, Bobby Hicks. Cathy had the good fortune to become acquainted with Louise Scruggs, and like so many businesswomen in the music world, saw her as a role model and mentor as well.

Louise Scruggs – what can I say that hasn’t already been said more eloquently than me. I cried (a lot) at her funeral, not so much that we were close friends – we were friends, but not real close – but more that I realized what we’ve lost (what I’ve lost in particular). She was a virtual encyclopedia of the music and the way business is done. I was so looking forward to seeing her again in better health and learning from her. Our last phone conversation was about just that. I liked her a lot and judging from her emails to me I’m pretty sure she liked me as well.

Mrs. Scruggs didn’t just drive the train, she laid the tracks – through pretty unfriendly territory – and did it with dignity. Oh, and there’s that other thing of being a great wife and mother all the while managing the career of her husband. The women out there know what I’m talking about. It never stops for most of us. Think about that – three little boys, pretty much alone, since Mr. Scruggs was gone a lot, keeping house, homework, laundry and a superstar husband you manage in the 1950’s.

You bet I’m amazed and I’m also proud to have known her as well as I did. I’ll sure miss her.

Cathy Hicks