• Grascals on GAC 6/15

    The Grascals will be part of a Friday broadcast on GAC TV, captured live at the CMA Music Fest in Nashville. The band's web site says that the show is on at 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. on June 15, but the

  • New Jaybirds CD

    John Reischman & The Jaybirds have a new CD, which given the high praise the group has earned from both peers and critics, seems aptly named. Stellar Jays was released in mid-May, and audio samples are available at CD Baby. This

  • Look Out for Hackensaw Boys June 19

    The Hackensaw Boys have been sneaking around the edges of several acoustic/Americana genres since their formation in Charlottesville, VA seven years ago. Their sound is raw and raucous, frenetic and unfocused, and bursting with energy and passion. It's part jug

  • Soulgrass II?

    Jazz sax man Bill Evans made waves in 2005 with the release of his Soulgrass project, merging jazz, funk and R&B grooves with bluegrass and traditional string music. It included such acoustic luminaries as B?©la Fleck (who also co-produced), Sam

  • Kym Warner interview online

    Kym Warner, hot shot mandolinist with The Greencards, was interviewed recently on Saturday Night Country, broadcast from his native Australia. He is interviewed by show host John Nutting, and speaks about the group's success of late, including finding their newest

  • Hillbilly Hemingway video

    Mark Newton has a music video for the title track of his latest CD, Hillbilly Hemingway. It will load and play automatically when you visit his web site. The song, written by Mike Ward, Tommy Meece and Carl Jackson, is a

  • Hit & Run goes all Simpsons on us

    Things have been jumping of late for Rebecca and John Frazier of Hit & Run. In addition to managing a busy touring schedule, the two were married last summer (August '06), and they moved to Nashville from Colorado this spring.