• 35th annual MidWinter Bluegrass Festival

    Kevin Slick, mandolinist and President of The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society, shared this brief report along with photos of the MidWinter Bluegrass Festival in Denver. This past weekend The MidWinter Bluegrass Festival celebrated it's 35th year as the unofficial family reunion for

  • Carrying on the Tradition at SPBGMA

    Alan Tompkins playing an RB-75 at Gruhn's during SPBGMA week 2020 - photo by Gerald Jones This additional SPBGMA 2020 reflection comes from Alan Tompkins, a Dallas-area attorney, festival promoter, and bluegrass musician. He is also a recent graduate of the

  • Ann Arbor Folk Festival 2020

    Molly Tuttle at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival (2/1/20) - photo © Bryan Bolea This past weekend, when much of the bluegrass world was focused on SPBGMA, the Ann Arbor Folk Festival was hosted in Michigan. An annual fundraiser for The

  • Notes from SPBGMA 2020 – day 2

    Carly Smith with the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum at SPBGMA 2020 - photo by Dave Berry The second day is in full-swing at SPBGMA, most people have arrived and the scene is probably best described as a ten

  • SPBGMA Nashville 2020 Kickoff

    Like any bluegrass event, the first night is a little slow with vendor setup, friends getting reacquainted, scattered jamming, and shortened exhibition and concert hours. The 46th Annual SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards & 37th National Convention & Band Championship in