• Terrible news from Ernie Thacker

    Very sad news today from Ernie Thacker. He has just been informed that the surgery he had been anticipating to spare his life from an aggressive bone infection can not be performed. The news was already dire, given that a double

  • Cindy Cashdollar injured in single car accident

    Prominent resonator and steel guitarist Cindy Cashdollar was injured last Thursday in a single vehicle accident near her home in Woodstock, NY. Among the greatest fears of traveling musicians is falling asleep while driving, a not unrealistic fear given the many

  • Welcome Milia Sunnebrandt!

    Swedish grasser Jimmy Sunnebrandt and his wife, Mikaela, are celebrating the birth of their second child this week. Milia was born on November 11, and Jimmy tells us that they had a recording of Alison Krauss and Union Station playing

  • Matt Umanov Guitars closing in December

    Matt Umanov Guitars, a fixture in New York's Greenwich Village for 35 years, has announced the imminent closing of their shop on Manhattan's Bleecker Street. Their last day of operation is set for December 3, after 48 years in business.

  • Welcome Aiden Miles Cherryholmes

    Skip and Stephanie Cherryholmes are celebrating yesterday's birth of their first child, Aiden Miles Cherryholmes. Both mom and dad are bluegrass folks. Skip grew up as a member of the Cherryholmes Band, and now plays guitar with Sideline. Steph grew up

  • Ernie Thacker support fund launched

    Since our story on Monday about bluegrass singer Ernie Thacker facing the amputation of his legs due to ongoing complications from his tragic auto accident in 2006, we have heard numerous questions about how friends and fans can offer financial

  • Booie Beach hospitalized in Florida

    Life is often filled with stories about how things don't turn out the way you had planned. Promising futures derailed by tragedy, and dreadful setbacks resolved by stunning recoveries are both part of fate. And the life of Leon "Booie"

  • More bluegrass Halloween fun

    Danny Clark's 2017 Bluegrass Halloween party at the Bluegrass Bus Museum We did turn up a number of additional Halloween photos with a bluegrass theme, and even a couple of videos. Most of them came from Danny "Hootenanny" Clark, and his Halloween

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