• Del McCoury – a 60 year career overview

    On February 1, (2019) Del McCoury enjoyed his 80th birthday celebrations. Tonight, he has the Opry House, Nashville, all to himself, albeit symbolically, to mark the occasion.  McCoury will be joined on stage for the what is described as “Grand

  • Happy 80th birthday to Del McCoury!

    Happy 80th Birthday Del McCoury …  Bluegrass and acoustic music musicians, young and old, have come together to help Bluegrass Today send an electronic ‘birthday card’ to Del McCoury to mark this wonderful occasion.  Ronnie and Allison McCoury and family offer affectionate

  • Red Wine – Italian bluegrass 40 years on

    For Italian bluegrass music ensemble Red Wine, the analogy with culinary excellence is too good to ignore, and to learn how the ensemble determined their name shows that it isn’t fanciful.  Mandolin player Martino Coppo, who started by playing the guitar

  • Sim Daley back to instrument work in Cornwall

    Sim Daley, well noted for his excellent hand-crafted musical instruments when based in Nashville, Tennessee, is setting up his workshop once again. This time in Looe, Cornwall, England, where he grew up.  He reported recently …  "I am setting up my workshop

  • Whitey Shafer passes

    Famed Nashville Country music song-writer Sanger D. ‘Whitey’ Shafer passed away this past Saturday, January 12, 2019, following a long illness. He was aged 84 and had struggled with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for a few years.  Born in Whitney, Texas, on

  • Colebrook Road to Roe Entertainment

    Roe Entertainment has announced the recruitment of the Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic area band Colebrook Road to its talent agency.   Jim Roe, founder of Roe Entertainment, said …… "We are very excited to be working with Colebrook Road as their exclusive booking agency, …. 

  • Songwriter Profile – Paula Breedlove

    Paula Breedlove is a rarity in the song-writing fraternity in that she doesn’t play a musical instrument.   So, she worked hard at perfecting her lyrics. She studied the works of Nashville’s country music song-writers, and began studying the Country music