• Carolina Bluegrass Band revisited

    Two years ago, Bluegrass Today talked with Russell Johnson, Ensemble Director, and Professor Jocelyn R. Neal, Associate Chair, Department of Music, about the establishment of the bluegrass music program at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill’s Music

  • A True Bluegrass Mandolin anthology

    Following up on the successful release of their True Bluegrass Banjo and True Bluegrass Fiddle CDs in 2012, Rebel Records has released two more anthologies True Bluegrass Mandolin and True Bluegrass Guitar (more of this latter compilation at another time). Drawing

  • Joe Hott to release two more singles and album

    Joe Hott’s career continues its upward trajectory with the release of two more singles from his forthcoming album, West Virginia Rail, on Rural Rhythm Records.  Emerging bluegrass artist 23-year-old, West Virginia born, Joe Hott has announced the soon to be released

  • The Miss Ellie String Band mission

    Haylee Kinsler, Shelby Peace, Hadassah White, Andi Strong, Halie Lynn, Emily Myers and Allison Broyles  “Her passion for traditional music led to the establishment of the Mountain Music School which over the past twelve years has attracted students from ages eight

  • Renfro Proffitt passes

    ‘Renfro’ Proffitt, cross-picking guitar stylist and one-time member of Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys, passed away at the Community Hospice Care Center in Ashland, Kentucky, on Thursday, July 25, 2019. He was aged 69.  Troy Leen ‘Renfro’ Proffitt, born on July