• On This Day #45 

    On this day …. On February 5, 1959, Starday Records purchased the masters to Charlie Moore’s recordings No Grave (Is Gonna Keep This Soul); Over in Gloryland; When They Crucified My Lord and Why Is Mother Buried. The four Gospel songs were

  • A Life of Sorrow in Arizona 

    “Ask me about the Stanley Brothers." That is the legend on the pocket of Gary Reid’s crisp, white shirt. So, did the Stanley Brothers do any shows in Arizona? Regardless of the answer, Reid, a Stanley Brothers enthusiast since his teenage years,

  • Travers Chandler and Steven Dowdy link up

    Not long ago mandolin player Travers Chandler announced that he was dis-banding his group Avery County and starting a new band with long-standing friend and guitarist Steven Dowdy. Avery County’s last personal appearance was in October of last year and while they

  • Tim Newby talks Baltimore Bluegrass

    Country music and bluegrass music has been the subject of favorable treatment by academics with the International Country Music Conference (ICMC) and the Birthplace of Country Music, Bristol, TN/VA, being two of many organisations that stage seminars that present talks

  • The Story Behind the Song – Weeds

    Weeds (Where the Flowers of Love Once Grew) was written by David Morris and Chris Dockins, two emerging song-writing talents in the bluegrass music fraternity. They wrote the song in in February 2013, during what was their “second or third writing

  • County Sales – 50 Years On

    David Freeman has received many plaudits, some given on a personal level and some, like the induction into IBMA’s Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame (in 2002), given, if not with some razzamatazz, with a greater public awareness. We can’t allow this