• Stephanie Ledgin photo auction

    Award-winning photo-journalist Stephanie P. Ledgin has announced that her entire photo exhibition, From Every Stage: Images of America's Roots Music, is for sale by auction. This once-in-a-lifetime, winner-takes-all auction will reap the winning bidder 40 select custom prints from

  • Save Bean Blossom foundation forms

    In November last year Jim Peva gave notice of the impending sale of the Bill Monroe Memorial Park and Campground, home of the famous Bean Blossom bluegrass festivals. More recently, he informed us of current plans. Following on from that comes

  • Bruce ‘Utah’ Phillips passes

    Folk singer, raconteur and activist Bruce Duncan 'Utah' Phillips, whose songs included tales of the state's working class and tragedies, passed away in his sleep at 11:30pm PDT on May 23, aged 73, ending a roughly ten year bout with

  • Dr. Ralph, on stage and in print

    Earlier this week I happened to be talking to Jeanie Stanley, who reminded me that this holiday weekend she will be attending Dr. Ralph Stanley's 38th Annual Memorial Weekend Bluegrass Festival, which uncle Ralph holds every year in honor of

  • More luthiers on TV

    Last month we told you about a PodCast on UNC-TV that provided a glimpse of the work that goes into making a fiddle. Now we learn of another instance where television has highlighted the craftsmanship associated with the building of musical

  • Mac Wiseman receives NEA honor

    The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) yesterday announced the 2008 recipients of the NEA National Heritage Fellowships, the country's highest honor in the folk and traditional arts. Mac Wiseman was among the eleven fellowships, which include a one-time award

  • McCoury Music – Moneyland

    Music has long been a medium for the expression of social comment. This is certainly so in country music, if less so within bluegrass. Also, most of the genre's progenitors and many from later generations have come from a rural

  • Kudos to Bean Blossom

    This past weekend's USA Weekend, a magazine supplement to many of America's weekend newspapers, has, as its feature article, an assessment of the 10 top places to hear authentic American music. As far as the magazine is concerned the top