• Back To Bluegrass – Francois Vola

    A return to the music one chose to make early on can be like a return journey home. Not surprisingly then, guitarist Francois Vola can relate to that same scenario. His descriptively titled album, Back to Bluegrass, offers the French-born

  • Footprints In A Song – Circa Blue

    With their fine fifth album, West Virginia’s Circa Blue demonstrate once again why they’ve increasingly become the bluegrass band to watch over the course of the past several years. Adept in their arrangements and assured in their intents, the band

  • Borrowed Tyme – Borrowed Tyme Band

    It becomes very clear at the outset that the Borrowed Tyme Band have no interest in pushing the parameters. Their homespun harmonies and breezy homilies make it clear that they’re content to confine themselves to bluegrass’ traditional trappings, and recreating

  • Nightflyer – Flight

    Credit Nightflyer, a group of veteran musicians who hail from Southwestern Ohio, for finding the ideal compromise between that which is classic and contemporary. Taking their name from a Tony Rice song, the band — lead singer and guitarist Richard

  • Front and Center – Sideline

    Album title aside, the highly acclaimed North Carolina combo dubbed Sideline take an unassuming stance with their latest effort, a set of songs that offers an ideal example of bluegrass at its best. It says something that this six piece ensemble

  • Long Ago – Jim and Lynna Woolsey

    The aptly titled Long Ago is a celebration of sorts, one that marks the union of two talented bluegrass practitioners who have not only remained faithful to the form throughout their married life, but also well before. According to Jim