• Happy Birthday Earl Scruggs!

    As most serious banjo fans, tomorrow, January 6, is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Earl Scruggs, born in 1924 in Cleveland County, NC. He lived another 88 years, along the way turning the five string banjo into a

  • He Loves Me Not from Caroline Owens

    Caroline Owens may be the fastest rising new artist in bluegrass, delighting listeners and audiences with her ear-catching vocals and enchanting southern charm. Her label, Skyline Records, has released a new single today, He Loves Me Not, a lonely love song

  • Bill Evans and Alan Munde touring together

    Great news for banjo players and lovers on the east coast! Two fine practitioners of the five string banjo, Bill Evans and Alan Munde, will be embarking on a two-week tour throughout the central and southeastern US. Hitting ten cities, the

  • Rhapsody in Blue(grass) from Béla Fleck

    We shared the news last month that five string banjo maestro Béla Fleck was set to release a new album that explored the music of 20th century American composer George Gershwin, most prominently his masterwork, Rhapsody in Blue. Béla tackles

  • Cannonball – new single from Sister Sadie

    Mountain Home Music has another single today from their upcoming album for Sister Sadie, No Fear, the last ahead of the project's release on January 26. This next record highlights the band's new personnel since their last album in 2018. Founding

  • Frank Ford passes

    Frank Ford, co-founder of Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, CA and their longtime chief luthier, died on December 17 following a brief illness. Suffering from declining health this past few years, he was 79 years of age when he passed. Ford

  • Ben James to The Oak Ridge Boys

    Ben James - photo © Josh Daubin Ben James, a right handed bluegrass guitarist and singer from Hickory, NC, has been called up to the majors, where he will take the position of tenor vocalist with The Oak Ridge Boys. We all

  • Happy Valley video from Wyatt Ellis

    Another new music video is available this week, this time from Tennessee's mandolin prodigy Wyatt Ellis, with a tune from his upcoming album, Happy Valley. In fact, it's the title track, one Wyatt wrote at 12 years old, like all of