• Introducing Bear Chapman Still

    Bear Chapman Still is a new group from the fertile bluegrass ground of southwestern Virginia, a father/son duo returning to the music after some time away. Daniel Lowe plays banjo, as he has done for many years in the bluegrass communities

  • Bobby Powell to Nick Chandler & Delivered

    Nick Chandler & Delivered have announced a new member of their touring band. Guitarist Hudson Bosworth is moving back to Ogden, UT, and Nick has brought on Bobby Powell, co-founder and guitarist/vocalist with Carolina Blue for many years. Chandler tells us

  • Flowers Down Below video from Dunlap & Mabe

    Bell Buckle Records has released a music video for Dunlap & Mabe, accompanying their new single, Flowers Down Below. The song, written and sung by guitarist Jack Dunlap, tells of a love gone wrong far away from home. Jack's musical partner is

  • Chasing Rainbows from Casey Penn

    Mountain Fever Records introduces their latest signee, Casey Penn, with a debut single today, the title track from her upcoming album, Chasing Rainbows. Casey is a young singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from central Arkansas, whose music as a member of the