• Cherryholmes II, Black & White June 12

    Skaggs Family Records has indicated that June 12 is the official release date for the long awaited sophomore release from Cherryholmes on their label. The CD has been promoted for some time with the title, Cherryholmes II, but as you

  • Wildfire regroups with new members

    If you've tried to find Wildfire online recently, you will have surely noticed that their web site is down. One might be forgiven for suspecting that they had thrown in the towel after seeing first Phil Leadbetter, and then Darrell

  • EBMA winners announced

    This past weekend saw the awarding of the prizes for European bluegrass bands at the European World of Bluegrass festival, and we are delighted to see that G2, a young Swedish band we recommended to you all last fall, came

  • Doyle Lawson and Kyle Petty

    If you ever doubted that bluegrass music and NASCAR share more than just a fan base, this story may change your mind. We received a note the other day from Lee Hendrix, who was on the winning team at the Doyle

  • Jimbo Whaley – combo CD/DVD release

    Jimbo Whaley has a combo CD/DVD project set for release this weekend, An Evening With Jimbo Whaley & Friends. It was recorded (filmed) live at the Smith Family Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN in March of this year, and the

  • Corea/Fleck promo video online

    The Enchantment, the upcoming banjo/piano duet recording from Chick Corea and B?©la Fleck, which Brance briefly described earlier this month, is due for release May 22 on Concord Records. The making of this highly-anticipated CD is the focus of a short