• Bill Yates – Country Gentlemen tribute

    Bluegrass fans immediately recognize the name Bill Yates for his many years as a member of The Country Gentlemen. Bill played bass and sang harmony with the band through several line up changes, staying with Charlie Waller for 20 years,

  • Huber Sandcaster?

    Here's a feel-good story, one about which we have been aware for a few weeks, but have waited until now to mention, once the episode played out. As an admission of interest, let me say up front that it involves

  • Robert Hale solo project in the works

    Wildfire guitarist/vocalist Robert Hale is working on a solo project, according to the Wildfire web site. They don't say much about the material or the guest artists, except to say that many of Robert's long time musical friends and collaborators

  • Fleck/Washburn banjos from China on YouTube

    We posted last week about some of the press coverage from China of the current Sparrow Quartet tour. The band features Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn on picked and non-picked banjo respectively, with Casey Driessen on fiddle and Ben Sollee

  • Rhonda Vincent 12 Days Of Christmas contest

    To help promote her newly-released Christmas CD, Beautiful Star: A Christmas Collection, Rhonda Vincent has launched an online contest with a 12 Days Of Christmas theme. This is really a series of 12 contests, involving trivia questions, each running for 2

  • Gravatar.com accepting new submissions

    Avatars are those small icons that are used to identify users in online discussions, or in more complex form, in many online games. If you frequent such sites, you may have seen them before, though the word, or its use