• Blue Yodel #11 – Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, Before we get to this year’s list, I’d like to clean up a couple of loose ends from 2010. Last year you left me the wrong Homer & Jethro LP. I requested Cool Crazy Christmas; I got Old Crusty Minstrels.

  • Blue Yodel #10 – Quantum Lyrics

    I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the Brian Greene PBS series The Fabric of the Cosmos lately. It’s fascinating—things blow up and there’s talk about black holes and eleven dimensions. What I’ve learned is that somewhere there’s

  • Blue Yodel #9: Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants

    Welcome to the new and smarter Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants! With this installment we introduce Guest Artist With a Clue, Reader Questions, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, contests, prizes, and actual bluegrass facts. Guest Artist With A Clue Our first

  • Blue Yodel #8 – Dear Joe Queenan

    Before reading this installment of Blue Yodel, you may want to (re)visit a recent reference by John Lawless to an article written by columnist Joe Queenan in the Wall Street Journal. Dear Joe Queenan, I'm writing from the year 2111—a full 100

  • Blue Yodel #4 – Sissy Bounce Bluegrass

    While publicly I’m all for big tents that allow more people to be part of (or at least buy a ticket for) this thing we call bluegrass, personally I have a very narrow definition: Bluegrass is whatever Bill Monroe whistled in

  • Blue Yodel #3 – The Complete Porter Mapes

        From: portermapes@gmail.com To: chris@chrisstuart.com Date: Sep. 3, 2011 Hey Pal, Well, it’s finally happened. I was hired on by the Willett Family to play banjo. This morning we hit the road at O dark 30 and as soon as I got in the van

  • Blue Yodel #2: Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants

    Ask Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants will appear at odd times in the Blue Yodel column. Please send questions and comments to chris@chrisstuart.com for possible use. Dear Mr. Blue Grass Smarty Pants, When was the Blue Grass music discovered and what was it doing

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